James Blevins





In the smoke of morning, she takes
off the sun’s clothes for me,
holds them up by two fingers,
before letting them fall upon
the earth.

Like the saddest animal,
I burrow in the warmth
of what’s balled up and left behind.

With grey in my beard,
I claw some prayers
in the stone cave of our night sky.

From the floor, I pray
for a good hunt, a sigh felt through the ages,
and for an archeologist
to one day read my scratches
by candlelight.


James Blevins is an award-winning poet who studied English and Creative Writing at the College of Central Florida. His poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Pretty Owl Poetry, Stoneboat Journal, Alexandria Quarterly, concīs, THAT Literary Review and elsewhere. His first published short story, “For All the Bending,” was included in the 2016 Scythe Prize collection.

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