Art Issue #47

Malin Abrahamsson

Mixed Media Sculpture

My Spaceholders revolve around the idea, shape, and purpose of the vessel, and the notion of holding space: the practice of allowing room to reflect on whatever arises in the moment. Clay’s transformative qualities make it an equal collaborator rather than a medium I aspire to bend to my will.

Spaceholder for Defeat by Malin Abrahamsson

“Spaceholder for Defeat,” ceramics, panduro modeling paste, thera-putty, wood shelf, 16x10x10 in.

Spaceholder for Failure by Malin Abrahamsson

“Spaceholder for Failure,” ceramics, glaze, acrylic paint, cotton ribbon, wool, 6x7x8 in.

"Spaceholder for Fancy Parties," by Malin Abrahamsson

“Spaceholder for Fancy Parties,” ceramics, glaze, wool, plastic ribbon, 5×4.5×5 in.

"Spaceholder for Regeneration," by Malin Abrahamsson

“Spaceholder for Regeneration,” ceramics, glaze, cotton ribbon, 7×8.5×7 in.

"Spaceholder for Superficial Care," by Malin Abrahamsson

“Spaceholder for Superficial Care,” ceramics, glaze, plastic wrap, waxed thread, 3.5×3.5×3.5 in.

"Spaceholder for Volcano Lovers," by Malin Abrahamsson

“Spaceholder for Volcano Lovers,” ceramics, glaze, yarn, lint, nylon, ribbon, 6x 7x 6 in.

Malin Abrahamsson

Malin Abrahamsson is an inter-disciplinary artist deeply fascinated by material and existential transformation. The recipient of several residencies, grants and awards, she has exhibited nationally and internationally, and completed several public commissions in and around New York City. Malin received her BFA with an honorable mention from The School of Visual Arts. Born and raised in northern Sweden, she now lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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