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Congratulations: August 2017

Congratulations to these Mud Season Review contributors!

Nathan Leslie (Issue 23 featured fiction writer) for his new collection of novellas, Three Men, coming out with Texture Press

Tom Benz (Issue 27 featured fiction writer) for winning the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award for his story collection Home & Castle from Snake Nation Press.


Congratulations: March 2017

Congratulations to these Mud Season Review contributors on their recently published or forthcoming books!


Aimee Nezhukumatathil (Vol 2 print issue) for her new book of poetry, Oceanic, which is forthcoming from Copper Canyon Press in early 2018.

Paul Bogard (Vol 1 print issue) for his book The Ground Beneath Us: From the Oldest Cities to the Last Wilderness, What Dirt Tells Us About Who We Are, out this month from Little, Brown and Company.

Jennifer Sinor (Vol 2 print issue) for her book Letters Like the Day: On Reading Georgia O’Keeffe, out this month from University of New Mexico Press.

Wendy Willis (Issue 18 featured poet) for her new book of poetry, A Long Late Pledge, forthcoming from Bear Star Press in September 2017.

Ace Boggess (Issue 21 featured poet) for his new novel, A Song Without a Melody: A Novel of the ’90s, out now from Hyperborea Publishing.

John Manuel Arias (Issue 24 featured poet) for his debut poetry collection ¡I’D RATHER SINK–!, forthcoming from Red Paint Hill Publishing in 2017.

Chen Chen (Vol 3 print issue) for his new book of poetry When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities, out now from BOA Editions Ltd.

Lucia Cherciu (Vol 3 print issue) for her new book of poetry Train Ride to Bucharest, out in April 2017 from Sheep Meadow.


2016 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Here are our nominations for a Pushcart Prize (for work published in little magazines and small presses in 2016). Congratulations to our nominees:

Devices: On the 90 Bus at 6:18am, After a One-night Stand” by John Manuel Arias

“The Smallest Commotion” by Aimee Nezhukumatathil (Vol 2 print issue)

The Record We’re Writing” by Tyler Barton

June Was Fierce, Simple” by Jessica Bryant Klagmann

Mapquest to Auntie Iryne’s” by Lori White

Knives” by Lauren Spinabelli


2016 Best of the Net Nominations

We are pleased to announce our nominations for Best of the Net, for work that was first published or appeared on the web between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. We had much fine work to choose from!

“E.R.” by Ace Boggess
“Netsuke” by Luisa A. Igloria
“Magnificat” by Luisa A. Igloria
“Picking at Dead Possums” by Karen J. Weyant
“Office of the Dead” by Peter Vanderberg

“We Have Commandeered Our Bodies to Science” by Jacob Guajardo
“June was Fierce, Simple” by Jessica Bryant Klagman

“Mapquest to Auntie Iryne’s” by Lori White
“The Grey House Didn’t Speak” by Rain Wright



2016 Burlington Book Festival: Writers in the Round

September 17, 7:00 p.m., Hotel VT

As part of the 2016 Burlington Book Festival, The Burlington Writers Workshop and Mud Season Review are excited to host a second year of our “Writers in the Round” event, where poets alternate reading short poems that play off what has just been read. This year’s event features five Vermont poets:

Chard deNiord, Vermont Poet Laureate

Partridge Boswell, author of the award-winning “Some Far Country,”

and Julia Shipley, author of the award-winning “The Academy of Hay” and “Adam’s Mark”

Lauren Bender, incoming editor-in-chief of Mud Season Review, and

Michelle Watters, associate poetry editor of Mud Season Review and poetry editor of The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2016.

Open to the public. Free admission. Cash bar.


Congratulations: August 2016

Congratulations to Mud Season Review contributor Lisa Beech Hartz for winning the Robert Creeley Memorial Award!


 Mud Season Review Print Issue Vol. 2 Launch Party

Join the staff of Mud Season Review at the Hotel Vermont for a celebration of our second annual print issue. Hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, and author readings featuring Alison Prine, Sean Prentiss, Robin McLean, and Ralph Culver, and artwork by Riki Moss.

May 7, 2016
7 pm
Hotel Vermont
41 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05401

2015 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Here are our nominations for a Pushcart Prize (for work published in little magazines and small presses in 2015). Congratulations to our nominees:

“Americant” by Deirdre Lockwood

“Papillons en liberté” (print issue) by Sydney Lea

“In the Bodies of Beautiful Fish” by Michael Minchin

“Persistence Hunting” by Dave Essinger

“Throwing Stones at Apple Trees” by John Messick

“with light steam” by Alex Simand



Congratulations: May, 2015

Congratulations to Tim Kenny, our Issue #3 featured nonfiction author, for the publication of Far Country: Stories from Abroad and Other Places by Bottom Dog Press. The collection includes “A Month in a Far Country,” the essay we published online. From the publisher: “Kenny’s collection of creative nonfiction stories brings alive the places he has lived and the people he has known as a foreign news editor, Fulbright scholar and University of Connecticut journalism professor.” Trish Harris, editor of the Pea River Journal, says that in Far Country “the connecting thread is not the obvious adventure but human relationships. Each essay is a story we fall into, story after story connected through relationship and observation, from darkness to the next darkness. Kenny’s essays are not just reports from the front but a fascinating set of hard-won observations on any front, any complex of situations, that any of us might encounter.”

Copies can be purchased here:


Mud Season Review in print

Celebration of our first print issue, with readings by Nancy Means Wright, Michael Minchin, and Kari Giroux. 

May 2, 2015
7 pm
Hotel Vermont
41 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05401


Congratulations: March, 2015

Congratulations to David Biespiel, our Issue #1 featured poet, for the publication of A Long High Whistle. From the publisher: “A Long High Whistle discusses the work of nearly a hundred poets from ancient times to the present, in English and in translation… This collection will provide anyone, from the beginning poet to the mature writer to the lover of literature, with insights into what inspires poets, how poems are written and read, and how poetry situates itself in American life.” For excerpts from the book or to order, visit:


Congratulations: February, 2015

Congratulations to Terry Minchow-Proffitt, our Issue #3 featured poet, who has recently published a chapbook of Seven Last Words, which first appeared in Mud Season Review. The chapbook features the artwork of Emily Mitchell and an in-depth interview with our editors. Information on where to purchase it can be found here:

2014 Pushcart Prize Nominees

It was hard to choose, but we have made these nominations for a Pushcart Prize (for work published in little magazines and small presses in 2014). Congratulations to our nominees:

“Almost a Mother” by Artress Bethany White (Poetry: Issue #2)

“Here in the Museum of Things Gone Terribly Wrong” by Craig Reinbold (Nonfiction: Issue #1)

“Morning Prayers” by David Biespiel (Poetry: Issue #1)

“Remnants” by Barbara Harroun (Fiction: Issue #1)

“The Seven Last Words” (III) by Terry Minchow-Proffitt (Poetry: Issue #3)

“The Swim Lesson” by R.A. Lev (Nonfiction: Issue #2)

Mud Season Review  launch party

September 20, 2014
7 pm
Hotel Vermont
41 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05401