Alexa Doran

Alexa Doran is a PhD candidate at Florida State University. Her chapbook Nightsink, Faucet Me a Lullaby is forthcoming from Bottlecap Press, and her series of poems about the women of Dada, “The Octopus Breath on Her Neck,” is soon to be published as part of Oxidant/Engine’s BoxSet Series. You can also look for work from Doran in upcoming issues of Glass, FIVE:TO:ONE, Conduit, and Permafrost, among others.

Rip Apart & Reassemble the World

Candelin Wahl interviews
Alexa Doran


Poetry co-editor Candelin Wahl recently had this exchange with Issue #42 featured poet Alexa Doran. Here’s what Alexa had to say about being a feminist, the art of Leah Dockrill, women Dada artists, and more… 
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Mother Darling Visits the States

By Alexa Doran


It’s not that the sky here isn’t blue
but that something has to asphyxiate to turn that hue.

I was so sure New England would fit like a skin… Read more