Artress Bethany White

Artress Bethany White earned her BA from the University of Massachusetts, an MA in creative writing from New York University, and a PhD in English from the University of Kentucky. She is associate professor of English at Carson-Newman University. She has served on the Tennessee Arts Commission, and her poetry has recently appeared in Harvard Review, Appalachian Journal, MELUS, African Voices, and Black Renaissance Noire as well as other journals and anthologies. She is the recent recipient of a postdoctoral faculty fellowship from the Appalachian College Association for the 2014-2015 academic year. Fast Fat Girls in Pink Hot Pants (Aldabra Press, 2012) is her first collection of poetry. She resides in Knoxville, TN.  

Poet Artress Bethany White

Reaching your scattered community

Rebecca Starks interviews
Artress Bethany White


Our editor-in-chief, Rebecca Starks, recently spoke with Issue #2 featured poet Artress Bethany White. Here’s what she had to say about her writing, her inspirations—and the art of approaching parenting with humor.
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Poetry: Issue #2

Almost a Mother

by Artress Bethany White



The sight of a postpartum belly
recalls the missing folds
of loose flesh between her own hips
declaring she’d never
given birth, but was once
almost a mother.
It is the heart that contracts
in these moments
instead of the womb…Read more