Barry Maxwell

Barry Maxwell is a 56-year-old native of Austin, Texas, and a creative writing student at UT. His publication credits include essays, poetry, fiction, and memoir in venues including PitheadChapel.com, UT’s Hothouse Literary Journal and The Liberator, and Austin Community College's Rio Review. His work has been featured in the Northern Colorado Writers 2013 Pooled Ink Anthology, and in the 2014 Writing Texas Anthology from Lamar University Press. Barry, formerly one of Austin's homeless, is also the founder of Street Lit and the Street Lit Authors Club, which provide books and creative writing workshops to Austin’s homeless community. You can contact Barry at www.streetlit.org or www.barrymaxwell.net.

a punch to your preconceptions

Katie Stromme interviews
Barry Maxwell


Our nonfiction co-editor Katie Stromme recently had this exchange with Barry Maxwell, our Issue #22 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what he had to say about his approach to temporal shifts and the construction of nonfiction characters in his essay; his thoughts on the “high” and “low” art that have influenced him; the effect of stretches of homelessness on his perspective toward life and writing; and his current MFA experience at UT Austin… Read more

"Vegas Heights" by Cathryn Sugg, 9' x 7' Oil and Mixed Media Femmage, Mud Season Review Artist


A Song for the Beautifully Useful

By Barry Maxwell

I discovered the clock radio in an out-of-the-way niche of Granny’s living room, wedged on a bookshelf behind a ribboned bundle of last year’s Christmas cards and a stack of miniature New Testaments. It was an early ‘60s model, a minimalist white cube atop a round footing, designed to look space-age and modern, with no place in Granny’s poor-folk country décor….
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