Florence Sunnen

Florence Sunnen

Florence Sunnen is a collagist and writer from Luxembourg City. After moving around for her studies, she ended up in the UK, where she recently completed her MFA in short fiction at the University of Warwick. Her work draws from her multilingual upbringing and searches for a middle ground between creative writing and philosophy. Some of her pieces have appeared in Datableed, A Glimpse Of, and The Learned Pig.

"What Isn't The Home of God(dog)?" by Alexandria Heather, 44x30, mixed media



By Florence Sunnen

I wake up to the phone ringing, and the sun wedges itself between my lids. I peel my cheek off the notebook page I fell asleep on. The ringing comes from underneath a pile of clothes. The light is deep; it is the afternoon. I dig around for the phone and answer…
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