Hun Kyu Kim

Hun Kyu Kim

Hun Kyu Kim studied MA painting in Royal College of Art in London where he currently lives. His paintings are delicately painted on silk with traditional oriental pigment used for ancient East Asian religious paintings. Kim makes fables by creating a contradictory situation and metaphor from a history that takes place at the point where the time and the space cross each other and the gazes of the individuals who belong to it. The stories get converted into the visual images; they cannot be regulated clearly, and they reveal the life, itself, of the human beings, which is like a puzzle. Through the device called the “fable,” they compressively show the whole process in which the history of the human beings and the barbarism that is inherent unceasingly circulates without any regard to the east and the west. Through his paintings, we can peep into the appearances of the storytellers of the 21st century.

"As time goes by" by Hun Kyu Kim, traditional oriental pigment on silk, 150X120cm, 2016



By Hun Kyu Kim

Hun Kyu Kim considers his paintings a form of protest against barbarism and oppression in the world as well as a means of creative expression…
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