Jane Lafarge Hamill

Jane Lafarge Hamill

Jane Lafarge Hamill is best known for her abstract oil paintings. After getting her MFA from the New York Academy of Art in figurative painting, she lived and worked in the city for 10 years, before moving to a farm in rural New Jersey. Although her paintings are rooted in portraiture, in recent years they have become divorced from the figure entirely. Currently Hamill is working on a virtual reality project. She is represented by FMLY Gallery in New York City.

"A Giant Summer, diptych" 48" x 72" oil on panel, 2016


Oil on Panel

By Jane Lafarge Hamill

I rely on action and speed of hand to cut out conscious thought, the ego, to get to something more primal. They’re portraits in a sense because they’re a physical result, or really a re-playing after the fact, of interactions, both real and imagined…
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