Jenny Reddin

Jenny Reddin is an award winning Australian artist who is held in collections in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. She describes herself as a poured paint artist who uses gravity and chance as her paint brushes. Her works are often reminiscent of aerial photography of geographical features. This series employs a Rorschach technique to give her a symmetrical image that references skulls and fossils of prehistoric man.

Gravity & Chance

Jennifer duToit-Barrett interviews
Jenny Reddin


Art editor Jennifer duToit-Barrett recently had this exchange with Issue #42 featured artist Jenny Reddin. Here’s what Jenny had to say about poured paint art, art’s role in activism, environmental devastation in her home country of Australia, and more… 
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Image: “Anthropod,” mixed media on canvas, 2018, 47.2×55 in.  Jenny Reddin Mixed Media on Canvas Jenny Reddin defines herself as a “poured paint artist,” producing abstract…