Justin Hamm

Justin Hamm's latest book is a collection of photographs, Midwestern., forthcoming from Spartan Press. He is also the author of two full-length books of poems, American Ephemeral and Lessons in Ruin, and two poetry chapbooks. Justin's photographs have earned a twelve-page, full-color feature in San Pedro River Review and the Inkslinger Award from Buffalo Almanack. His first solo exhibition took place in the fall of 2017 in Columbia, Missouri; further exhibitions are scheduled for the Mississippi River Gallery in Hannibal, Missouri, and Normal Public Library in Normal, Illinois.

Justin Hamm

The Harsh Beauty of the Past

Jennifer duToit-Barrett interviews
Justin Hamm


Art editor Jennifer duToit-Barrett recently had this exchange with Issue #40 featured artist Justin Hamm. Here’s what Justin had to say about his photographic style, the landscape of the Midwest, and how his art connects to the past… 
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Crooked Jesus, Ozarks, Digital Photo 2017


Image: “Crooked Jesus,” Ozarks, Digital Photo 2017.     Justin Hamm Photographs     Artist Statement “For me, the act of photography is similar…