Karen Weyant

Karen J. Weyant’s poetry has been published in Arsenic Lobster, The Barn Owl Review, Caesura, Cold Mountain Review, Copper Nickel, Harpur Palate, Hobart, Poetry East, River Styx, and Whiskey Island. Her most recent collection of poetry, Wearing Heels in the Rust Belt, won Main Street Rag’s 2011 Chapbook contest and was published in 2012. She teaches at Jamestown Community College in Jamestown, New York. In her spare time, she explores the Rust Belt regions of Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania.

inner sanctuaries of blue collar life

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Karen Weyant


Our poetry co-editor, Chris LaMay-West, recently had this exchange with Karen Weyant, our Issue #14 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about her self-definition as a poet, from working-class to rural Rust Belt, and about the role of nature and salvation in her current work. Read more

"Nine Suns" by Monica DiGiovanni, 12" x 24" Oil on Canvas , Mud Season Review


The Summer of Manmade Miracles

By Karen J. Weyant

I dumped grapejuice into Gallagher Run,

hoping the muddy swirls would turn into wine,

and pretended the stale Angel Food cake

old Mrs. Rogers threw to the birds was really

manna from heaven. Evenings, I decided…
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