Kristin Macintyre

Kristin Macintyre is currently an MFA candidate at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. When she is not writing, she teaches freshman composition and drinks coffee in her small garden.

Kristin Macintyre

Life’s Inherent Opposites

Aurora Nowak interviews
Kristin Macintyre


Poetry co-editor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Issue #39 featured poet Kristin Macintyre. Here’s what she had to say about the kindness she’s experienced in workshops, the process of listening to a poem’s “deepest concern” as it unfolds, and more… 
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Black Dog



By Kristin Macintyre

I am so far away I write you 

a postcard from the next room, 

say there is a whole 

grove of plum trees 

on the rooftop – neat little rows of stones 

fruit above the washroom… 
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