Lauren Mauldin

Lauren Mauldin is an MFA candidate in creative nonfiction at the University of California Riverside, and editor for The Plaid Horse magazine. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Modern Loss, and the Los Angeles Review of Books among other publications. She has recently finished her first book, Animalistic, a memoir about losing her husband to opioid addiction.

Image: "Childless Madonna," by Fierce Sonia, mixed media painting, 18x24 in., 2017


Keto Crash

By Lauren Mauldin


Last week, I dreamt I was eating a bagel. Not a New York bagel, the outside crisp and sprinkled with poppy seeds, toasted flakes of onion and tiny, square cubes of salt. No, the dense, bready pre-sliced kind you buy in plastic bags…
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