Lynne Feeley

Lynne Feeley

Lynne Feeley is a writer and teacher based in Somerville, MA. She earned her doctorate in English from Duke University, and she currently teaches American Studies at Harvard. Her courses focus on the literature of slavery and abolition. She is at work on a series of creative nonfiction essays about upstate New York, where she grew up. Her writing has appeared in Avidly and Mortar Magazine.

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Mindy Wong interviews
Lynne Feeley


Our nonfiction editor Mindy Wong recently had this exchange with Lynne Feeley, our Issue #36 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her writing and revision process, her inspirations and influences, and the research involved in crafting her essay “The Measurer of Ruin”… Read more

“Eden Church Ribbon of Windows, Louisville, Georgia” by Kathleen Galvin, 8x4.5, December 2017


The Measurer of Ruin

By Lynne Feeley

I am matching up misfortunes. In my left hand, I hold a Polaroid of a crumpled Saturn on rings of burned rubber and broken glass, while with my right, I tick through thick manila folders. I find the folder that matches the name my father has scrawled at the bottom of the picture….
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