Naomie Jean-Pierre

Naomie Jean-Pierre is a sojourner of revelation. For her, revelation is intimacy and intimacy is the life-blood of her work. She is a painter, illustrator, songwriter, and poet from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Haiti. By day, she tutors high school students in Harlem and by night, she versifies the material of her daily life. Her work can be read in FICTION magazine, Noble/Gas Qtrly, and Susan/The Journal. She is currently living in Paris, completing a joint masters at the University of Paris and the City College of New York.

The Executive Meeting


The Apologetics of Leaving

By Naomie Jean-Pierre

a leaving 

begins in the 

calluses on my feet 

calcium, hardened on my teeth 

laughter ghosts 

a smile in disguise beneath my nose… 
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