Robert Earle

With more than 90 stories in literary journals across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., Robert Earle is one of the more widely published contemporary writers of short fiction. His third novel, Suffer the Children, has just been published. He also has published two books of nonfiction, Nights in the Pink Motel: An American Strategist’s Pursuit of Peace in Iraq, and Identities in North America: Search for Community. A Pennsylvanian, Earle pursued a diplomatic career for twenty-five years and now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has degrees in literature and writing from Princeton and Johns Hopkins.

Paradoxes and passions

Natasha Mieszkowski interviews
Robert Earle


Our fiction co-editor, Natasha Mieszkowski, recently spoke with Robert Earle, our Issue #11 featured fiction author. Here’s what he had to say about his development as a writer, his writing process, and how his writing is informed by his experience… Read more

Secret Path by Caitlin Crowley, Medium Format Film Photography Darkroom Print, 8"x10", Mud Season Review


Say Uncle

by Robert Earle

As my father parked at the strip mall on Germantown Pike, a man walked in front of our car toward Filbert’s pharmacy. He was shorter and heavier and his hairline had receded more, but he looked like my father…
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