Ronna Lebo

Ronna Lebo

Ronna Lebo is a poet and painter. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Mason Gross School of the Arts/Rutgers University. She taught at Kean University for six years before deciding to co-launch, with partner John Yau, Off The Park Press/Black Square Editions, a small non-profit press for poetry, translations, and experimental poetic fiction. Most recently, Ronna co-founded Reservoir Art Space in Ridgewood, Queens (NY), which consists of eleven art studios and an experimental project gallery. A new book of poetry by Ronna is forthcoming in 2018 from Catopolis Press. The title of this book is Hell Probably, and it also features images of drawings and paintings by Philippe Avignant.

Ronna Lebo

Illusions of Space

Mark Benton interviews
Ronna Lebo


Our art editor, Mark Benton, recently talked to Ronna Lebo, featured artist for Issue #34, about her art and poetry, the intersections between the two, and the conceptions of space and abstraction at the heart of her work.

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"Circle Jerk" by Ronna Lebo, 2015, 30x36, acrylic and spray paint on canvas



By Ronna Lebo

Ronna Lebo is a painter and a poet. The two mediums are closely linked for her, and she uses both to tell stories.
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