Talal Alyan

Talal Alyan is a Palestinian American writer and co-editor of Riwayya, an online literary journal. His political writing has been featured in various publications including Vice News, Al Jazeera English, Huffington Post and Daily Beast. He currently resides in Brooklyn.

kingdom of babel

Samuel Hughes interviews
Talal Alyan


Our poetry co-editor Samuel Hughes recently had this exchange with Talal Alyan, our Issue #27 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about political poetry, the concept of change, and the inspiration for his poetry collection Babeldom…. Read more

"redblue" by V.A. Smith, Photograph, Italy


Manifest Destiny

By Talal Alyan

“…..grow to love that strange language”

this century

bores. its growl like

a feral beast.

I want to devour

it with silver-spoon

teeth. put sea salt

along the spinal

cord of its borders…
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