Tyler Friend

Tyler Friend

Tyler Friend is the name of a genderqueer apricot enthusiast from Tennessee. Their chapbook Ampersonate is available from Choose the Sword Press, and his poems have recently appeared or will soon appear in Tin House, Love’s Executive Order, and others. She is currently pursuing an MFA in the inaugural class of VCFA's Writing & Publishing program where she is focusing on poetry and choosing a preferred pronoun.

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Katie Stromme interviews
Tyler Friend


Our nonfiction editor Katie Stromme recently had this exchange with Tyler Friend, our Issue #29 featured poet. Here’s what they had to say about their evolution as a writer, early influences on their work, religion, images, and landscapes…. Read more

"Laid Bare" by Monica Stewart, oil on canvas, approx. 60“ x 48” 2012


Some New Ways of Making Love

By Tyler Friend

You, holding a corpse pose.

Me, carefully eating a peach,

but cracking a tooth on the pit

anyway. You, riding a bicycle…
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