Urvashi Bahuguna

Urvashi Bahuguna’s debut poetry collection, Mudscope, was selected for the 2017 Emerging Poet’s Prize by Aimee Nezhukumatathil and will be published late 2018 by The Great Indian Poetry Collective. Her work has been recognized by a Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship, a Sangam House fellowship, an Eclectica Spotlight Author Prize, a TOTO Award for Creative Writing, and a Wingword Poetry Prize. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Orion, SOFTBLOW, The Nervous Breakdown, Eclectica Magazine, The Fourth River, Barely South Review, Kitaab, Jaggery, The Four Quarters Magazine and elsewhere. Her writing has been anthologised in Aquanauts (Sidekick Books, 2017), A Map Called Home (Kitaab,  2018) and Modern English Poetry by Younger Indians (Sahitya Akademi, 2018).

Urvashi Bahuguna

“The Crooked Timber of Humanity”

Aurora Nowak interviews
Urvashi Bahuguna


Poetry coeditor Aurora Nowak interviews poet Urvashi Bahuguna about her literary influences, her writing practices, her career as a journalist, her new book of essays about mental illness, and more… 
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By Urvashi Bahuguna

It took long hours to fashion a set of wings 

out of cardboard and silver foil, to pour glue 

out of a blue bottle, paint with a flat brush 

to the very edge. My mother punched holes, 

slipped drawstrings borrowed from petticoats 

and tied them on my back… 
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