Vi Khi Nao

Vi Khi Nao is the author of the novel Fish in Exile and the poetry collection The Old Philosopher. Vi’s work includes poetry, fiction, film and cross-genre collaboration. She was the winner of the 2014 Nightboat Poetry Prize and the 2016 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest.

veracity to the core

Lauren Bender interviews
Vi Khi Nao


Our editor in chief Lauren Bender recently had this exchange with Vi Khi Nao, our Issue #26 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about authenticity in literature, her philosophy of revision, and her love of writing in different forms and genres…. Read more


Winter Rose

By Vi Khi Nao

When it rains, which it hasn’t. At least not lately. But when it rains, which can be in the Spring or Fall, Nicole’s nipples become alert and her vulva swells up with clouds of feelings and illusions….
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