Warren Read

Warren Read's fiction has appeared in Hot Metal Bridge and Henhouse (Write Bloody Publishing); his memoir, The Lyncher in Me was published in 2008 by Borealis Books. He is an elementary instructional coach in Bainbridge Island, WA, and an MFA candidate at the Rainier Writing Workshop.

Warren Read, Mud Season Review author

That Line Between Truth and Secrecy

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Warren Read


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Warren Read, author of Issue #4’s “Somewhere in That Space.” Here’s what he had to say about his process, his inspirations, and the quiet moments and truths he explores through his writing…Read more

Dave Petraglia, Flagirl

Fiction: Issue #4

Somewhere in That Space

by Warren Read

The first time I heard the story of Rodney’s mother I was with Eddie DeMint and Marcus Wallen in the gazebo at Douglas Park, picking off a half rack of malt liquor that Marcus had swiped from his dad’s store. We’d ditched the dance before the last song, ducking the chaperones and sprinting…Read more