Issue #19 Contributors

April 20, 2016


Featured authors and artist

Lisa Beech Hartz, Mud Season Review PoetLisa Beech Hartz is executive director of Seven Cities Writers Project, which brings writing workshops to underserved communities. She currently guides a workshop in a city jail. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Blackbird, Redivider, Catamaran, Poet Lore, Chattahoochee Review and elsewhere. She lives in the Tidewater region of Virginia with her husband and four sons.



Sonja Hinrichsen, Mud Season Review ArtistSonja Hinrichsen examines urban and natural environments through exploration and research. As an artist she feels the responsibility to address subject matters our society tends to neglect or deny, particularly adverse impacts to the natural world. Her work manifests in immersive video installations and interventions in nature. Her participatory project “Snow Drawings” engages communities worldwide. Sonja graduated from the Academy of Art in Stuttgart, Germany in 1997/98, and received a Masters degree in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. She has been invited to group- and solo- exhibitions worldwide and has won numerous art residency awards. For more visit:


Melissa Wiley, Mud Season Review AuthorMelissa Wiley is a freelance writer living in Chicago. Her creative nonfiction has appeared or is forthcoming in literary magazines including DIAGRAM, Atlas and Alice, PANK, Superstition Review, Prick of the Spindle, Tin House Open Bar, Stirring: A Literary Collection, Poydras Review, Gravel, Pinball, East Bay Review, Eclectica Magazine, Gone Lawn, Split Lip Magazine, Menacing Hedge, Specter, Lowestoft Chronicle, Souvenir Lit Journal, Pithead Chapel, Great Lakes Review, and pioneertown. She also serves as assistant editor for Sundog Lit.


Evan D. WilliamsEvan D. Williams’s nonfiction writing has appeared in Number, Antennae, Anamesa, Stillwater, Penned Parenthood, The Chimera Book, American Songwriter, Life in the Finger Lakes, and The Tattler. “An Unknown Place” is his first work of fiction. It is set in his old stomping grounds of rural upstate New York and lower Manhattan; is inspired by the impressionistic prose of Cormac McCarthy and Yvonne Vera; and quotes liberally from the Instructions of Šuruppak, a collection of fatherly aphorisms recorded on cuneiform tablets around 2600 BC.



Additional imagery by

David Smith

David Smith started playing around with some scrap copper one day in 2001 and found that he had a weird, instant ability to sculpt using what he now knows is called the repousse technique. Weathervane sculpture is a lost art and he quickly found a niche; over time he developed a faithful clientele of art collectors/patrons, architects, home builders, and galleries, who have continually supported him for years. His weathervanes have been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Monster House series; on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow; in the permanent collection of the Tesla Science Center and Museum at Wardenclyffe; in the Wall Street Journal; the New York Daily News; the Houston Press; Britain’s Mental Floss Magazine; the Houston Chronicle; and elsewhere. His oil painting, “Tropical Storm, Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico,” was selected as a finalist for the 2014 Hunting Art Prize. He was one of the first artists to be designated a “Texas Original” by The Texas Commission on the Arts.

Meredith C. BullockMeredith C. Bullock is a self-taught process-inspired painter, entrepreneur and creative business coach. Founder of A Beautiful Retreat, Meredith is passionate about sharing her own personal story, creative discoveries, and what she’s learned through launching her own creative businesses to help other creatives to achieve their dreams. Meredith is originally from upstate New York and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband. Most days you can find Meredith in her studio painting abstract artwork or in the community teaching creative and business classes.