Issue #24 Contributors


October 20, 2016


Featured authors and artist


Lukman Ahmad, Featured Artist

Lukman Ahmad is a Kurdish artist from Syria. He began his art career in 1986. After moving to the US in 2010, he’s joined several American art groups with his artworks. Lukman utilizes water, oil, acrylic colors, and pastel. His expressive motifs are a reflection of Kurdish culture, which adores colors. Lukman prospers his art with unique methods that combine authenticity with abstraction, providing a distinctive splendor with its own style. He has had more than 45 exhibitions in many countries including Syria, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, Switzerland, Lebanon and the United States. Most of Lukman’s works are related to the Kurdish legacy, which is enriched with popular stories and epics. Being a member of one of the largest stateless nations in the world, Lukman continuously tries to render his people’s rich heritage into brush strokes. View more of his artwork on his website:


John Manuel Arias, Featured PoetJohn Manuel Arias is a gay, first generation Costa Rican/Uruguayan poet and crepe-maker raised in a DC ghetto when it was the murder capital. His poems have appeared in Red Paint Hill, the Journal, Assaracus, Sixth Finch and others. His debut collection of poetry, “¡I’D RATHER SINK–!” is forthcoming from Red Paint Hill Publishing. He currently lives in San José, Costa Rica with his grandmother and four ghosts.



Brent Fisk, Featured FictionBrent Fisk is a writer from Bowling Green, Kentucky with recent work accepted in Bat City Review, Forge, and the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. He has an MA in Creative Writing from WKU.




Andrew Maynard

Andrew Maynard’s work has appeared in Bayou Magazine, DIAGRAM, Essay Daily, Switchback, and elsewhere. He lives in San Francisco and has taught creative writing at the University of San Francisco and San Quentin Prison.



Additional imagery by


Casey GallagherCasey Gallagher is an emerging painter and art educator. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and spending years in the corporate world, she has returned to her passion for the arts and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Art & Art Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her artwork seeks to explore the tension that exists between the emotional and mechanical aspects of the human experience. Additional work can be found at Casey presently resides in New York, NY with her cats: Archer, Loki, and Max. See more of her artwork on her website:



Elise Palmigiani, Mud Season Review ArtistElise Palmigiani is a french painter with Italian origins. Her paintings reflect a passion for landscapes and the fauvist movement. Painting the fabulous landscapes that she has crossed through Europe and the Western States of America is one way to continue her journey. She is especially inspired by the colors, the shapes, and the great textures of the West. Her bold palette knife work and use of intense colors allow her to communicate emotions as well as opposing themes such as serenity and exaltation. She uses pure pigments, as they are very warm and useful for catching and retaining light. Palettes knives and brushes offering unique textures and outcomes are useful tools to liberate her artistic cravings and expression. From soft sketches to some more impasto touch, everything is a reason to paint. See more of her work at her website:


Fabrice Poussin, Mud Season Review ArtistFabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University, Rome, Georgia. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and more than a dozen other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River magazine and more than sixty other publications.