Issue #42 Contributors

February 20, 2018

Featured Authors and Artist


Stanley Delgado lives and works in Los Angeles. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Sierra Nevada Review, The Santa Ana River Review, and Coriander’s.

Alexa Doran is a PhD candidate at Florida State University. Her chapbook Nightsink, Faucet Me a Lullaby is forthcoming from Bottlecap Press, and her series of poems about the women of Dada, “The Octopus Breath on Her Neck,” is soon to be published as part of Oxidant/Engine’s BoxSet Series. You can also look for work from Doran in upcoming issues of Glass, FIVE:TO:ONE, Conduit, and Permafrost, among others. For a full list of her publications, awards, and interviews please visit her website at

Alexia Kemerling is a writer, runner, and activist from the heart of Ohio. Her writing is forthcoming in Timber Journal. She wears hearing aids in both ears and is somewhat decent at lip reading. She is currently pursuing a degree in creative writing at Hiram College.

Jenny Reddin defines herself as a ‘poured paint artist’, producing abstract works that rely heavily on chance, accident and the surrrender of control. Whilst her work is the result of experimentation with materials, methods and process, she has perfected the chemistry involved in achieving an outcome that satisfies her search for “a beautiful surface.” Jenny exhibits regularly in Australia and she has successfully exhibited both in the USA and Hong Kong.

Additional imagery by

Marc S. Cohen is an artist, writer and musician born in the United States and residing in Toronto, Canada. He is currently engaged in a series of pen and ink drawings on existentially topical themes like alienation, dislocation and the construction of selfhood in a shifting semantic landscape.

Leah Dockrill was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She obtained her early education there and went on to earn education and law degrees at Dalhousie University, Halifax, and a library science degree at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. With little formal training in art, she has developed a 30-year art practice that includes painting, collage, and digital art. Leah’s art has been exhibited in Canada and the U.S. in commercial galleries and public institutions. Leah has been an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists since 2000. Leah and her husband live in Toronto, Canada.

Alex Nodopaka originated in 1940, Kyiv, Ukraine. Speaks San Franciscan, Parisian, Kievan & Muscovite. Mumbles in English & sings in tongues. He propounds having studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Casablanca, Morocco. Presently full time author, visual artist in the USA but considers his past irrelevant as he seeks new reincarnations.