"Reach (Threshold)" by Rose B. Simpson, Approx. 61" x 39" x 45", Ceramic and forged steel, 2010


Mixed Media Sculptures

By Rose B. Simpson

Residing on the Santa Clara reservation, Rose B. Simpson explores the many ways to deconstruct gender and culture based stereotypes and social ideologies by wandering between ceramic or fashion or drawing or music studios…
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"Wood and sparkler #01" by Ole Brodersen, C-print analog photograph, 2015, Mud Season Review



By Ole Brodersen

The forces of nature are natural phenomena always present in a landscape, beyond human control. Ole Brodersen’s work is dedicated to unveiling this presence by exploring encounters between manmade objects and untouched nature….
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"Ardent Love" by Lukman Ahmad, Acrylic on canvas, Mud Season Review


Featured Artist

Lukman Ahmad

Most of Lukman Ahmad’s works are related to the Kurdish legacy, which is enriched with popular stories and epics. Being a member of one of the largest stateless nations in the world, Lukman continuously tries to use render people’s rich heritage into brush strokes…
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"PERCEPTION II" by Troy Simmons, 54" x 44" x 3" Concrete, Aluminum and Acrylic, 2016, Mud Season Review


Concrete, Aluminum and Acrylic Installations

By Troy Simmons

I tell my life story through concrete, color fields and organic abstract forms. They help express my thoughts and beliefs, serving as a narrator for my day-to-day experiences. Through my current work, I explore social behavior, depression, relationships, aging, and prosperity. My personal experience with these topics helps fuel my passion to create art that exposes the stable coexistence of different entities….
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Destructed Memory Series, 2014

By Ken Hohing

Environmental image destruction and its effects on photographs as memory re-enforcers. High Resolution digital scans of 35 mm transparency film taken in Korea in 1975 and “edited” by mold intrusion in 2012 following the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. 20″ X 24″ Di-Coupler prints on aluminum.
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"Wild Hives / Black Queens" by Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees, 12' x 12' sculptural installation of painted muslin and photographs dipped in beeswax with Poplar branches, Mud Season Review


Wild Hives / Black Queens

By Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

Making and creating is a link to deep remembering. The objects I make are artifacts and a residue of the process of remembering. It is possible that these artifacts can stir memories for others — not the same memory but connecting to the multiple resonant, dissonant and incommensurate sense of self and remembering ourselves back into the continuing creation of Life…
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"Month Five" by Sally Linder, 30" x 52" Oil, Ink, Tar on Drafting Film, 2012, Mud Season Review


Approaching a Threshold

By Sally Linder

Humankind straddles a threshold. The Arctic is rapidly unraveling: white ice to black water. As oil, gas, and coal extraction and exploration mounts a feeding frenzy, I wonder if in my lifetime I will witness the extinction of Arctic life incarnate, the polar bear. I spend my days painting the bears, humbly joining my soul with theirs, in belief of the Inuit legend of interspecies soul exchange…
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The Three Gorges – 3rd Edition, Organhaus Gallery, Chongqing, China 2011

By Sonja Hinrichsen

We, as humans, alter our landscapes so that they better fit our purposes. This raises questions about our perception of the natural world in centuries to come. Will we reconsider and preserve it, will we change it so it better serves our causes, or will we destroy it altogether….
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“Birthplace” by Antonio Puri, 144″x288″ Mixed Media on Canvas, 2012-2014   Featured Artist Antonio Puri Chandigarh Series Mixed Media on Canvas      …


Shape Towers

By Holly Savas

My mixed media collage work is a visual expression of the contrasts I see in the world. I tend to view life in abstract fragments: bits and pieces of colors and shapes that float, clash and connect to one another across two dimensions in front of me as I move through my environment…
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