Featured Artist Amber Waves Of Grain   David Thompson            


Featured Artist Acrylic on Aluminum   Val Rossman                


Featured Artist Gouache on Archival Wood Panel   Nissa Kauppila                            …


All Along the Tracks Digital photographic collage   Nance Van Winckel                          …

Art: Issue #6

All In Our Head Mixed-media on paper series Jessica Nissen                            …

Art: Issue #5

Russian Season Photography by Ekaterina Vasilyeva     Russian winter—a great ancient myth recorded in Russian folk tales and poetry; the cult that lives…

Art:Issue #4

Featured artist Thomas Gillaspy     Photography A study in urban minimalism                      

Art: Issue #3

Featured artist Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh       iPad digital paintings   Blue Ridge         Rimon Pomegranate        …

Art: Issue #2

Hometown Dreams: Memory and Change

Linda Craddock

I dreamed that the sky became the sea. I stood with my mother and father on the railroad tracks that split the town in two. We watched in awe as buildings floated high above the horizon, and away…Read more

Art: Issue #1

Featured artist

Sheri L. Wright

What is discarded and overlooked, perceived as having no value, can often be a source of interest, even beauty, if approached from a different perspective, one from a desire to find stories…Read more