Image from Dancers by the Sea, Oil Paint series by Allison Merriweather, Mud Season Review



By Luisa Igloria

How many worlds could fit into a leather pouch, strung

through cord and looped around the waist? Wood

or ivory, horn or bone–antlers and hooves,

miniature wings and fins, even the tiny pulleys
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"Sheath" by Carol Wisker, 6” x 6” x 6” Recycled textile and fiber, wood box, 2010 (Photo credit: Howard A. Brunner), Mud Season Review


Kissing Boys

By Jim Richards

When was the last time I kissed him,

my eldest son, on the mouth?

I can’t remember. When did I start

turning away and offering cheek

instead of lips? Somewhere between

our last kiss and today’s awkwardness

we forgot the words to an old song.
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"Nine Suns" by Monica DiGiovanni, 12" x 24" Oil on Canvas , Mud Season Review


The Summer of Manmade Miracles

By Karen J. Weyant

I dumped grapejuice into Gallagher Run,

hoping the muddy swirls would turn into wine,

and pretended the stale Angel Food cake

old Mrs. Rogers threw to the birds was really

manna from heaven. Evenings, I decided…
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"Evening Clouds" by Robert Tokley, 36''x46'' Oil on Canvas, 2015, Mud Season Review


Curb Appeal

By James Reidel


The burnt orange of a dying coral reef,

The pockmarked brick,

The paint peels,

Which blister in great petals and dogears,

Which unfold on closer inspection to reveal an older layer of

That someone else got it right—
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"Woven" by Louis Staeble, Photograph, Mud Season Review



By Darren Morris


My mother, who is dead,

has come to ask me questions

about how I am living my own life.

We talk about other things.

She lights another cigarette,

which pours out of her like milk.
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Earth Words, Mixed Media by Brad Garber, Mud Season Review


Hotel Room

by Diana Whitney

The anonymous urge

wells up unbidden: the crisp bed

like a blank canvas

expansive with potential,

lily sheets stretched taut

over the bare frame…
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"Constructive Chaos Composition 507" by Rachel Citrino, Paint and Ink on Paper, 22" x 30", Mud Season Review


Chronos in the Kitchen

by Sandra Kolankiewicz

At some point the cats—who routinely prowl
the windowsills and countertops to stare

out the back window and make little sounds

about the birds—must have stepped on the clock
radio in the corner, setting the

time so the station comes to life at 5…
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"Upholstered Tree, Soft Shoulder in American Gothic," Crab apple tree upholstered in outdoor upholstery fabric and ventilated backing, 506” x 340” x 340, by Elizabeth Demaray, Myd Season Review


Turning Forty

by Bibhu Padhi

I imagine a blue deeper than the sky,
despairing the Bay of Bengal’s
depth and nightly activity.

A child’s slim voice rises through
the sea’s midnight slush, echoing from
the distance of the years, and then is lost.

What distance of time comes in between…
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Sublimation, Applied Kinetic Photography, by Tobias Oggenfuss


From Tectonics

by Josh Booton

to chart each chasm           volley the soft rock

down how down                 somewhere inside

      besides which side

                                          are you on

the rocks colliding

      a slow commotion               as they fall & all
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Before the Funeral

by Deirdre Lockwood

The orange juice is grey. My father keeps
calling me Mary. (His youngest sister’s name.)
Every five minutes the newsprint swirls
beneath his eyes. We look away, out
the kitchen windows to the aftertaste
of snow along the sidewalk. Gravel, rock
salt, and the rust-edged grass between the cracks…
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