June 20, 2019

Letter from the editor

We are proud to welcome Issue #44 of Mud Season Review into the world. This issue’s authors and artists push their craft in new directions, each with a distinct voice and approach to their work. 

Claire Robbins frames her piece as a ‘how-to’ guide for getting off food stamps in this issue’s featured fiction story. Her work is raw and real in a way that highlights the hypocrisy women and mothers in particular can experience in a culture that so highly values competition while often failing to acknowledge the uneven playing field. We witness the striving, the stabs at transformation, only to see the house of cards come crashing down again. A final twist of brutal honesty made our editors “gasp.” 

Nonfiction co-editor Amber Hart calls Bill Marsh’s story, “No Baby, An Apology,” “a poignant piece about loss from the male point of view.” His writing is an ode to his own wife and family, but also speaks to the universal experience of deep love intertwined with deep sorrow, a mourning for what will never be. 

Our featured poet, John Leonard, twists time and perspective, deftly sailing from past to present, weaving moments of clarity with poignant questions. Said poetry associate editor Kelsi Long: “I appreciate the author’s experimentation with form, the way these poems explore complex and difficult subjects, the surprising lines throughout each poem.” 

Featured artist Ronald Walker brings us a brilliant color palette and a style he terms “Suburban Primitive.” His work asks us to take a second look at the everyday, the streets in our neighborhoods and cities. Behind the mundane hides the whimsical, the unexpected. 

Thanks for reading Mud Season

Erin Post, managing editor