Print, Volume 2

Mud Season Review is excited to announce the release of its second annual print issue (stay tuned at this link to purchase the Volume after we launch on May 7).

Our online Issue #19 offers a preview of work in the print issue.



Robin McLean (fiction) │ The True End to All Sad Times

Aimee Nezhukumatathil (poetry) │ Three Poems

Sean Prentiss  (nonfiction) │ Excerpt from: Finding Abbey: The Search for Edward Abbey and his Hidden Grave

Jennifer Sinor (nonfiction) │ Excerpt from: A Fathoming: Entries on Ordinary Trauma



Baker Lawley │ Fenced

Ryan Row │ Light in a Jar

Evan D. Williams & Meredith C. Bullock │ An Unknown Place



Craig Reinbold │ An Appliance Brain’s Hard Times Blues

Melissa Wiley │ Healing Waters



Sarah Bloom │ The Mare Complains of Pastures

Jesse Breite │ White Oak & Thunder Hymn | Old Boggs

Ralph Culver │ Zoar | Camping Alone

Edward Derby │ Rower’s Aubade

Renee EmersonToo Old for a Husband

Michael FaherThe Landscape Photographer | Fingerprints

Lisa Beech HartzThe Pilgrim Van Gogh, 1879 | Child Playing: Annette in Front of the Rail-Backed Chair, Edouard Vuillard, 1897

Mike James │ Late Rothko

Clyde Kessler │ The Bus for Fielding’s Hill

Gopikrishnan Kottoor │ Garden Snail

Len Krisak │ Discovery

Lori Lamothe │ Dragon | Conservatory

Michael Lauchlan │ Somewhere on the Thruway

Darby Lyons │ Bending Willow Drive

David Ishaya Osu │ Two Parts

Ray Nayler │ August, Ashgabat

Angelique Palmer │ Horticulture | Spinster

Simon Perchik │ 2 Poems

Sean Prentiss │ Beard | Heartwood | A Morning Blessing

Alison Prine │ Emigrant │ Going in

Amy Sawyer │ Motherland

Yvonne Zipter │ Sleep Work

Mary Warner │ Pole Beans



Deborah Barlow │ Marae 2 | Unette

Suzanne Benton │ The Silver Sleep | Angel on the Head of a Pin | Alive in Art (34)

Janet Fredericks │ A Winged Life | A Winged Life II

Sonja Hinrichsen  (cover) │ The Three Gorges – 3rd Edition

Sally Linder │ Breached | Taking Control | Symbiotic

Riki Moss │ Scholar and Big Mouth | Splitfoot Goat | Beak Communication

Carol Wisker │ Oracle of Willindorf | Space Doll | Marilyn