General guidelines:

Untitled (Series 2013, Painting 8), Oil Paint on Panel, 10x12" by Jenn Warpole, Mud Season Review

Untitled (Series 2013, Painting 8), Oil Paint on Panel, 10×12″ by Jenn Warpole

We seek deeply human work that will teach us something about life, but also about the craft of writing or visual art; work that is original in its approach and that in some way moves us. Publishing and celebrating a diverse range of voices is important to us, so please include in your cover letter a brief bio (100-150 words) as you would like it to appear on our Contributors page. For more on what we are looking for in submissions, read an interview with our founding editor here.

We accept simultaneous submissions. However, please withdraw your work immediately should a piece you’ve submitted be accepted elsewhere. If you are withdrawing your entire submission, please log in to your Submittable account and click “withdraw.” If you are withdrawing only a part of your poetry or art submission, please add a note to your submission advising which piece(s) you are withdrawing. We strive to respond to all submissions within 2 months. You can track your submission with Duotrope.

We also offer a feedback request service, which features written feedback from a senior editor for a fee. Please submit under the appropriate category. Work submitted to this service is not considered for publication. Writers are welcome to submit to Mud Season Review during reading periods.

We do not accept mailed submissions, emailed submissions, multiple submissions, or anything that has previously appeared in print or online (including on your personal blog or website, artwork excepted). We accept flash fiction; please include two to three pieces in your submission. We do not accept translations at this time. If you have already been published in Mud Season Review, please refrain from submitting for one year after the date of the issue in which you were published. Please send submissions through Submittable only. Please use 12 pt font. For fiction and nonfiction, please double space.

We acquire First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) upon acceptance and retain exclusive rights to your accepted piece for 90 days after publication
. After that, we will archive your piece online and may include it in one of our print editions. Should you choose to reprint the piece in the future, please mention that your piece was originally published in Mud Season Review.

We pay authors and featured artists $50 for their work. Artists whose images we select to pair with writing receive $15.


Our reading period is open from October 1 to November 1. We only accept one submission per author per reading period.

**We reserve the right to close the reading period early if submission volume warrants, as our primary goal is to give the work we receive the attention it deserves.  So put the finishing touches your work and send it our way ASAP!


Please note: When you submit to Mud Season Review, you agree to be added to our email lists. You may unsubscribe from these lists at any time. By submitting, you also warrant that you are the sole creator of the work and that publishing it will not infringe on any others' rights. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mud Season Review and its staff from and against any and all claims resulting from a breach of this warranty.
  • Fiction

    Please submit one short story of up to 6,000 words, as well as a brief biography.  

    We are looking for fully realized stories that remind us of what it means to be human, that take risks, that show us something new, and that stand up over multiple reads, deepening with each encounter.

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  • Fiction: Feedback Request

    For $25.00, a Mud Season Review editor or assistant editor will provide you with a 250-500 word critical response to your piece, within two weeks of your submission date. Limit 5,000 words.
    $25.00 USD
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  • Poetry

    Please submit in one file a portfolio of 3-5 poems (up to 10 pages), with each poem on its own page(s); along with a brief biography. We respond to a wide range of poetry, and to voice above all else. We are looking for poems that compelled their own writing, emotion that purifies and intensifies language, point of view that catches us off-guard. We prefer formal verse that can range as widely and think and feel as deeply as free verse; and free verse that still finds ways to put pressure on language.
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  • Poetry: Feedback Request

    For $25.00, a Mud Season Review editor or assistant editor will provide you with a 250-500 word critical response to your poems, within two weeks of your submission date. Limit 3 poems, up to 10 pages.
    $25.00 USD
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  • Nonfiction

    Please submit one nonfiction piece of up to 6,000 words as well as a brief biography. 

    We seek nonfiction that bends—but does not break—the genre. We want to see risk-taking with structure, chronology, form, and other elements of nonfiction (save for truth—there’s no messing with that) to tell a richly textured story. A distinctive voice and command of language are musts. We are open to memoir that goes beyond the personal story to engage with larger ideas and broader perspectives as well as thesis-driven personal explorations of scholarly and critical topics.

    Nonfiction accepted for publication will be fact-checked. To the extent your essay draws on research and/or reportage, our editors will ask you for documentation of your sources and for help with the fact-checking process. Citations need not be submitted with essays, but we would recommend that you keep notes and/or a bibliography on file.

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  • Nonfiction: Feedback Request

    For $25.00, the nonfiction editor or managing editor of Mud Season Review will provide you with a 250-500 word critical response to your piece, within two weeks of your submission date. Limit 5,000 words. Please include in your cover letter any guidance you'd like to give the editors, in terms of what feedback would be most helpful to you. 
    $25.00 USD
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  • Art

    Please submit 1 to 6 digital images of your work (JPG is preferred, minimum 300 dpi). Images must be professionally photographed and cropped to exclude anything that is not considered part of the work. 

    We accept all media: paintings, drawing, prints, photography, animation, mixed media, collage, and sculpture (in the case of 3 dimensional work, keep in mind that it must read well in 2 dimensional form). We are open to all content/style; realism, surrealism, abstraction, conceptual, etc. We seek both: 1) images that may be paired with writing to enhance the visual word and 2) theme-based portfolios to be featured monthly. (Please indicate your preference in your cover letter.)

    Please include the artist's last name and title of the piece in each file name. Also include in your cover letter: 1) the titles, media, and dimensions of each image; 2) a 50-word or less biographic statement; 3) a 50-word or less artistic statement; and 4) your consideration preference as noted above.

    Artists must be 18 years or older. See our general guidelines for more information.

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