"As time goes by" by Hun Kyu Kim, traditional oriental pigment on silk, 150X120cm, 2016



By Hun Kyu Kim

Hun Kyu Kim considers his paintings a form of protest against barbarism and oppression in the world as well as a means of creative expression…
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Jeanie Tomanek

pantheon of frailer gods

Mark Benton interviews
Jeanie Tomanek


Our art editor Mark Benton recently had this exchange with Jeanie Tomanek, featured artist for Issue #31. Here’s what she had to say about the influence of story and myth on her art, her art-inspired poetry, and her use of archetypes and symbols…Read more

"Diving at Wadi Bani Khalid" by Adelaide Tyrol, acrylic on board with film overlay, 7.5x10



By Adelaide Tyrol

Adelaide Tyrol says of her art: “My work often explores ideas and intuitions I have about the confluence of the natural world and the human enterprise. These thoughts propel me and keep me intellectually connected to current situations…
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a different side of faith

Mark Benton interviews
Brent Schreiber


Our art editor Mark Benton recently had this exchange with Brent Schreiber, featured artist for Issue #33. Here’s what he had to say about his creative process, his artistic influences, and his interest in combining different mediums…Read more

"Circle Jerk" by Ronna Lebo, 2015, 30x36, acrylic and spray paint on canvas



By Ronna Lebo

Ronna Lebo is a painter and a poet. The two mediums are closely linked for her, and she uses both to tell stories.
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a form of suspended animation

Mark Benton interviews
Monica Stewart


Our art editor Mark Benton recently had this exchange with Monica Stewart, featured artist for Issue #30. Here’s what she had to say about creating magical realism in her work, the influence of fairytales, and the ways different mediums lend themselves to story-telling…Read more

Listen 2 by Brent Schreiber, 24”x24”, acrylic on birch panel


Listen series

By Brent Schreiber

These paintings and drawings are from Brent Schreiber’s Listen series, which he describes as “an ongoing collection featuring the portrait and figure exploring themes of god, faith, spirituality, hope, religion and the human bond.”
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"Terlingua Creek Mercury Mining District. Study Butte, Texas" by William C. Crawford, photo



By William C. Crawford

William C. Crawford’s work follows the techniques of forensic foraging photography, which focuses on returning to basics like framing, lighting, coloration, saturation, contrast, etc. and avoiding computer-based or technological manipulation of the images. There is also a preference for taking photographs of “mundane” or “trivial” scenes and objects…
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"Night Reader" by Jeanie Tomanek, Oil on canvas, 36x24 inches


Oil Paintings

By Jeanie Tomanek

Jeanie Tomanek is an artist and poet who uses elements from the natural world, her life, mythology, fairy tales, and folk tales to create symbolism and a storyline in her work. Her main focus is on exploring feminine archetypes and the universal experiences of women. Of the women shown in her paintings, she says: “Being bald and shorn of any particular identity, they become all women.”…
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"A Threnody for Bees" by Monica Stewart, oil on canvas, approx. 3 x 2 ft, 2012


Oil Paintings and Paper Work

By Monica Stewart

Monica Stewart says of her work that it “explores the world of small objects, particularly from nature. When painted, these objects take on a form of suspended animation, which allows for speculation about their respective past lives, making them more like relics or artifacts.”
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