Expired Eclipse


Last Sympathy

By Nathan Alling Long

SANUS DREAMT a bomb exploded just outside his apartment building. He heard the detonation, then saw the window shatter, the ceiling crumble, and debris scatter across the floor. He lay there naked, feeling the dust settled on his skin…
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Baumann Author Photo

Connecting the Bizarre to the Real

Grace Safford interviews
Joe Baumann


Fiction co-editor Grace Safford recently had this exchange with Issue #40 featured fiction writer Joe Baumann. Here’s what Joe had to say about his approach to brainstorming story ideas, what role exposition plays in a piece, and what he’s working on now… 
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By Joe Baumann

The neonatal nurses couldn’t remove the vernix from Evan’s skin. They tried hot water, scrubbing with their hands through the squeaky latex of their gloves; they soaked washcloths, scratching them against his pink baby body, at first with a delicacy reserved for afternoon tea…
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How It Ends

By Rosanna Staffa

Stiff chairs, pens scratching. We sat at a large table, budding playwrights in summer clothes and fresh haircuts. The mentor looked tiny and mysterious, with beautiful black hair and delicate skin. I was afraid of her. She was terribly smart and famous…..
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Sorrow and Empathy

Grace Safford interviews
Sarah Freligh


Fiction co-editor Grace Safford recently had this exchange with Issue #38 featured fiction author Sarah Freligh. Here’s what she had to say about her best and worst workshop experiences, character development, her writing routine, and more…. 
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Next of Kin

By Sarah Freligh

Richard Nixon is dying. The radio in Sophie’s car burps to life with this news, then mysteriously quits. A short in the electrical system, according to her brother Kevin, something tricky and too expensive to bother with in a car this old….
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Casey Lefante

Keeping the Work of Literature Alive

Kathrin Hutson interviews
Casey Lefante


Fiction co-editor Kathrin Hutson recently had this exchange with Issue #37 featured fiction author Casey Lefante. Here’s what she had to say about employing the second-person point of view, writing about politics, her revision process, and more…. 
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Save the Bees


Honey Bee

By Casey Lefante

You lift your scalpel, stare at the speck in front of you. You feel kind of bad for it. One minute, it’s living its life in a sweet little colony, making honey and shit, and the next minute, it’s dropped unceremoniously onto a tin plate for a fifteen-year-old to dissect…
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An Anchor in Human Existence

Lauren Bender interviews
Florence Sunnen


Former editor-in-chief Lauren Bender interviews fiction author Florence Sunnen about how she creates the characters in her stories, her literary influences, her experiences as an MFA student and more…Read more

self-start your writing

Grace Safford interviews
Jillian Merrifield


Our fiction editor Grace Safford recently had this exchange with Jillian Merrifield, our Issue #36 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her writing and revision process, workshops and creative writing pedagogy, and the inspiration for her short story “Here, There Be Dragons”… Read more