Still from "Substratae," an Animated Film by Margie Kelk, Mud Season Review


Get Gregory Out

By Genevieve Plunkett

Patty met Gloria through one of those little paper tabs that you have to try to tear upward, so that you don’t lose part of the phone number. She had never liked introductions by phone—all those disembodied shifts in tone, the liftoff of questions that never seemed to settle—but she had taken the number…
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Secret Path by Caitlin Crowley, Medium Format Film Photography Darkroom Print, 8"x10", Mud Season Review


Say Uncle

by Robert Earle

As my father parked at the strip mall on Germantown Pike, a man walked in front of our car toward Filbert’s pharmacy. He was shorter and heavier and his hairline had receded more, but he looked like my father…
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"Dwellings" by Margie Kelk, Ceramic, Photo credit: Steven Crainford, Mud Season Review


The Tale of How I. I. Settled the Quarrel with I. N.

by Srđan Srdić

I wished to be left alone, I felt the need to add and subtract, to perform these operations. I felt I could no longer bear it, I packed and left, they didn’t make any trouble. They seemed not to care, one left, another came, as elsewhere….
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"Road to Palouse Falls," by Allen Forrest, Oil on Canvas, 18' x 24", Mud Season Review


Persistence Hunting

by Dave Essinger

My running shoes have hardened into new shapes since the last time I wore them, and they’re stiff on my feet. The half mile to Andrew’s house loosens them a little, but they don’t stop sliding on my heels. Maybe it’s my feet that have changed, though; maybe my shoes are the same….
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Little Greens, oil on linen, by Nancy H. Taplin



by Amanda Pauley

Mom is as stunned as a hog after the first bullet when I tell her that Ray won’t be over until after Thanksgiving dinner. I say it to her in between the scraping sounds she makes sharpening her knife. She doesn’t put down knife number five but turns around with it in her hand to stare at my large belly I’ve draped a pink cotton babydoll blouse over…
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Mike Minchin, Mud Season Review author

Visceral, vicarious experience

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Michael Minchin


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Michael Minchin, author of Issue #7’s “In the Bodies of Beautiful Fish.” Here’s what he had to say about the roots of the story, his attention to sound and image, and the type of writing that inspires him….Read more

Hubert Vigilla, Mud Season Review author

Odd conceits and ornate constructions

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Hubert Vigilla


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Hubert Vigilla, author of Issue #6’s “The Goddamned Caped Canaveral.” Here’s what he had to say about finding inspiration, making his own enthusiasm come through on the page, and how he came to write about a motorcycle daredevil…Read more

Shannon Reed, Mud Season Review fiction author

Time and my subconscious

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Shannon Reed


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Shannon Reed, author of Issue #5’s The Buddhists. Here’s what she had to say about her process, her inspirations, and what she’s working on now.
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Warren Read, Mud Season Review author

That Line Between Truth and Secrecy

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Warren Read


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Warren Read, author of Issue #4’s “Somewhere in That Space.” Here’s what he had to say about his process, his inspirations, and the quiet moments and truths he explores through his writing…Read more

Edward Boyle, fiction author, Mud Season Review

I keep moving my characters

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Edward Boyle


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Edward Boyle, author of Issue #3’s Making Weight.” Here’s what he had to say about his writing, his inspirations, and the way he lets his characters find their ways in his stories.…Read more