Issue #10

Look for the energy

Erin Post interviews
Sandra Kolankiewicz,


Our poetry co-editor Erin Post recently had this exchange with Sandra Kolankiewicz, our Issue #10 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about her creative process, her approach to writing, and the many projects she is working on…Read more


Featured Artist Amber Waves Of Grain   David Thompson            

"Dwellings" by Margie Kelk, Ceramic, Photo credit: Steven Crainford, Mud Season Review


The Tale of How I. I. Settled the Quarrel with I. N.

by Srđan Srdić

I wished to be left alone, I felt the need to add and subtract, to perform these operations. I felt I could no longer bear it, I packed and left, they didn’t make any trouble. They seemed not to care, one left, another came, as elsewhere….
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"Taxco Cathedral" by Joshua Distler, Photo-etching from Sketch, 8" x 11", Mud Season Review


Bookbinding for Amateurs in Autumn

by Tara Deal

The creaking space is filled with what looks like torture equipment: guillotines, paper cutters, iron presses, hammers, and chisels. This is not a place for hobbyists, and I am grateful. Because I want to learn how to do something difficult….
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"Constructive Chaos Composition 507" by Rachel Citrino, Paint and Ink on Paper, 22" x 30", Mud Season Review


Chronos in the Kitchen

by Sandra Kolankiewicz

At some point the cats—who routinely prowl
the windowsills and countertops to stare

out the back window and make little sounds

about the birds—must have stepped on the clock
radio in the corner, setting the

time so the station comes to life at 5…
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