Issue #11

Points of departure

Brett Sigurdson interviews
Rain Wright


Our nonfiction editor, Brett Sigurdson, had this exchange with Rain Wright, author of Issue #11’s “The Grey House Didn’t Speak.” She shared her reflections on teaching writing, on her concern with social justice, and on how her writing is integrally connected to her family history…Read more

Figures dissolving into space

Cynthia Close interviews
Jenn Warpole


Our art editor, Cynthia Close, recently spoke with Jenn Warpole, Issue #11’s featured artist. Here’s what she had to say about what art school did for her, her interest in the human figure, and the ebb and flow of the creative life…
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Paradoxes and passions

Natasha Mieszkowski interviews
Robert Earle


Our fiction co-editor, Natasha Mieszkowski, recently spoke with Robert Earle, our Issue #11 featured fiction author. Here’s what he had to say about his development as a writer, his writing process, and how his writing is informed by his experience… Read more

You never know when you’re working

Erin Post interviews
Diana Whitney


Our poetry co-editor Erin Post had this exchange with Diana Whitney, our Issue #11 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about her writing process, her writing advice, and what she is working on now…Read more

Secret Path by Caitlin Crowley, Medium Format Film Photography Darkroom Print, 8"x10", Mud Season Review


Say Uncle

by Robert Earle

As my father parked at the strip mall on Germantown Pike, a man walked in front of our car toward Filbert’s pharmacy. He was shorter and heavier and his hairline had receded more, but he looked like my father…
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Earth Words, Mixed Media by Brad Garber, Mud Season Review


Hotel Room

by Diana Whitney

The anonymous urge

wells up unbidden: the crisp bed

like a blank canvas

expansive with potential,

lily sheets stretched taut

over the bare frame…
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Spring, Mixed Media by Iryna Lialko , Mud Season Review


The Grey House Didn’t Speak

by Rain Wright

No people remain to lift their hands in farewell. Home does not speak. It does not call out our names as we move up the steps onto the plane. It does not call out as if to say We have a long history, do not go
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Featured Artist oil paint on panel or mylar   Jenn Warpole