Issue #19

Sonja Hinrichsen, Mud Season Review Artist

Immaterial and Ephemeral

Cynthia Close interviews
Sonja Hinrichsen


Our art co-editor Cynthia Close recently had this exchange with Sonja Hinrichsen, our Issue #19 featured artist and cover artist for our second print issue. Here’s what she had to say about how her art career took shape, the differences between art school in Germany and the U.S., and the logistics of creating and documenting her “Snow Drawings”… Read more

Melissa Wiley

falling is not a passive process

Brett Sigurdson interviews
Melissa Wiley


Our nonfiction co-editor Brett Sigurdson recently had this exchange with Melissa Wiley, our Issue #19 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her childhood as the reflective daughter of farmers; what she has learned about herself and the value of uncertainty, through writing; and what she is working on now… Read more

ambiguous but not opaque

Natasha Mieszkowski interviews
Evan D. Williams


Our fiction co-editor Natasha Mieszkowski recently had this exchange with Evan D. Williams, our Issue #19 featured fiction author. Here’s what he had to say about his story “An Unknown Place,” the artwork that accompanies it, and writers who have influenced and inspired him. … Read more


The Three Gorges – 3rd Edition, Organhaus Gallery, Chongqing, China 2011

By Sonja Hinrichsen

We, as humans, alter our landscapes so that they better fit our purposes. This raises questions about our perception of the natural world in centuries to come. Will we reconsider and preserve it, will we change it so it better serves our causes, or will we destroy it altogether….
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"Child Playing: Annette in front of the Rail-Backed Chair" by Edouard Vuillard, 21.06” X 14.96”, 1900, (Owner: Art Institute of Chicago. Image courtesy of: The Athenaeum)



By Lisa Beech Hartz

He scrawls the iron bedstead, silent

but for the hush hush now of the pencil,

so that the child forgets him….
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An Unknown Place

By Evan D. Williams, with illustrations by Meredith C. Bullock

It was the afternoon of the first moon landing and John D. Hinepaw Junior hunched in the loam of his backyard. He searched for chewed leaves on his bean plants and found none and then he blinked toward the fence posts now soft with lichen and resolved he would take no chances with the rabbits this year….
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"Storms Never Last," Tornadic Supercell by David Smith, 24" x 18" Oil on panel, 2014, Mud Season Review


Healing Waters

By Melissa Wiley

A tornado’s hurried intake of breath uprooted a pine tree in my parents’ garden, my mom calls to tell me earlier on a Sunday morning than I need to hear it. What would they have done if it hit the house while they were sleeping? she asks…
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