Issue #30

stitching thoughts together

Lauren Bender interviews
Abi Newhouse


Our editor-in-chief Lauren Bender recently had this exchange with Abi Newhouse, our Issue #30 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her inspirations, the challenges and rewards of writing about family, and her experiences in writing courses and workshops… Read more

credit: Eileen Chow

master a body of knowledge

Lauren Bender interviews
Emily Alice Katz


Our editor-in-chief Lauren Bender recently had this exchange with Emily Alice Katz, our Issue #30 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her writing process, the joy of being part of a writing community, and the inspiration behind her short story “The Italian Dance”… Read more

overlap between botany and poetry

Grier Martin interviews
Rebecca Durham


Our poetry editor Grier Martin recently had this exchange with Rebecca Durham, our Issue #30 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about the connection between botany and poetry, her organic writing process, and her interest in ecopoetics…. Read more

"A Threnody for Bees" by Monica Stewart, oil on canvas, approx. 3 x 2 ft, 2012


Oil Paintings and Paper Work

By Monica Stewart

Monica Stewart says of her work that it “explores the world of small objects, particularly from nature. When painted, these objects take on a form of suspended animation, which allows for speculation about their respective past lives, making them more like relics or artifacts.”
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Dark Bodies

By Abi Newhouse

Olivia and I drove through the canyon in the dark. The only light came unnatural and electric from street lamps or the car clock or the bright headlights behind us. I followed the road, the curve of it, and the hill, and did all of this with tears dripping down my face…
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"Dead Autumn Leaves In A Rain Gauge" by William C. Crawford, photo


Find the Foci

By Rebecca Durham

An unclasped lapse

as ascent slips into our axis, to wonder what if

the fourth breath was the fifth?

A sharp breach of shadow…
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The Italian Dance

By Emily Alice Katz

Outside the sanatorium library, Evie spies a notice for a theatrical gathering. The announcement is written neatly on thick vanilla card stock. Sunday afternoons from two o’clock to half past three, it says. The words slope across the page from left to right. English letters, not Yiddish. Evie calculates: only four days to wait…
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