Issue #34

"After the Firebird" by Ekaterina Vasilyeva, photograph


The Lady of the House

By Constance Renfrow

The noises upstairs woke Marla again. Her phone would read, she knew, 2:08 a.m.—the same as it had every night for a week. She pressed her face deeper into the bed sheet—the pocket of air beneath the covers warm and unmoving, safe…
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"The Snow After Joe's Funeral" by Jenn Powers, acrylic/photography/digital manipulation


The Small Book of Virtues

By Sandy Coomer

a bitch

in pain knows no better

than to bite the one

that lifts its broken body…
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"Truth" by Jenn Powers, mixed media/digital manipulation


Everything Presses In

By Rachel Veroff

Swish. Swish. The morning sun flashes through birch boughs as I race my flickering shadow. Cold air stings my face, and my skis whisper across the icy crust of daylight like a blade being sharpened….
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"Circle Jerk" by Ronna Lebo, 2015, 30x36, acrylic and spray paint on canvas



By Ronna Lebo

Ronna Lebo is a painter and a poet. The two mediums are closely linked for her, and she uses both to tell stories.
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