Issue #36

Hun Kyu Kim

Traditional Technique Meets Politics

Mark Benton interviews
Hun Kyu Kim


Our art editor, Mark Benton, recently had this exchange with Issue #36 featured artist Hun Kyu Kim. Here’s what he had to say about Korean folk tales, silk painting techniques and more… 
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Robert Rothman

a poem is like a mud season

Aurora Nowak interviews
Robert Rothman


Our poetry coeditor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Robert Rothman, featured poet for Issue #36. Here’s what he had to say about the eternal life of poetry, his love and passion for the process of writing it, and the inspiration behind some of his poems featured in Mud Season Review…Read more

the strangeness within the known

Mindy Wong interviews
Lynne Feeley


Our nonfiction editor Mindy Wong recently had this exchange with Lynne Feeley, our Issue #36 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her writing and revision process, her inspirations and influences, and the research involved in crafting her essay “The Measurer of Ruin”… Read more

self-start your writing

Grace Safford interviews
Jillian Merrifield


Our fiction editor Grace Safford recently had this exchange with Jillian Merrifield, our Issue #36 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her writing and revision process, workshops and creative writing pedagogy, and the inspiration for her short story “Here, There Be Dragons”… Read more

"As time goes by" by Hun Kyu Kim, traditional oriental pigment on silk, 150X120cm, 2016



By Hun Kyu Kim

Hun Kyu Kim considers his paintings a form of protest against barbarism and oppression in the world as well as a means of creative expression…
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“Eden Church Ribbon of Windows, Louisville, Georgia” by Kathleen Galvin, 8x4.5, December 2017


The Measurer of Ruin

By Lynne Feeley

I am matching up misfortunes. In my left hand, I hold a Polaroid of a crumpled Saturn on rings of burned rubber and broken glass, while with my right, I tick through thick manila folders. I find the folder that matches the name my father has scrawled at the bottom of the picture….
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One Wall Street


Here, There Be Dragons

By Jillian Merrifield

Dana and I are on this party’s shitlist, I can tell, and I’m pretty sure that it’s mostly about me. The host is the building manager of the high rise that Dana works in downtown, and he was so pissed to see that she’d brought an unsolicited male plus-one…
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"Paint # 60" by James W Johnson, acrylic/ink on wood, 7x9, 2014



By Robert Rothman

You have to knee her forward, down the sand

embankment, shoes clattering like silver dollars

on the river rock, encouraging words mixed with

spurs, into the freezing wash, the surge…
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