Issue #38

A Visual Cacophony of Experience

Mark Benton interviews
Leah Oates


Art editor Mark Benton recently had this exchange with Issue #38 featured artist Leah Oates. Here’s what she had to say about her childhood in Maine, her photographic techniques, how art can inform the political discourse, and more… 
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Let the Real Truth Shape Your Work

Alex Carroll interviews
Shaun Anderson


Nonfiction reader Alex Carroll recently had this exchange with Issue #38 featured nonfiction author Shaun Anderson. Here’s what he had to say about how journaling informs his writing, how he navigates the line between fact and fiction, what he’s working on next, and more… 
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E. Kristin Anderson

Creativity Driven by Constraint

Aurora Nowak interviews
E. Kristin Anderson


Poetry co-editor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Issue #38 featured poet E. Kristin Anderson. Here’s what she had to say about why she was drawn to the centos form, how she approaches rough drafts and revisions, what she’s working on next, and more…. 
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Sorrow and Empathy

Grace Safford interviews
Sarah Freligh


Fiction co-editor Grace Safford recently had this exchange with Issue #38 featured fiction author Sarah Freligh. Here’s what she had to say about her best and worst workshop experiences, character development, her writing routine, and more…. 
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Many Men


Spiritual Dissonance

By Shaun Anderson

The mission president told me I suffered from something called “spiritual dissonance.”  He described it as a situation where what I know (I am a missionary, called by God, to teach others about the true church of Jesus Christ) and what I want (a relationship with a man) exist with internal discord….
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Leah Oates


Image: Transitory Space, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Winter 2015, Color Photography, Shot in camera on 35mm film, 11×14″ and 16×20″, 2015 Leah Oates Photography  …



Next of Kin

By Sarah Freligh

Richard Nixon is dying. The radio in Sophie’s car burps to life with this news, then mysteriously quits. A short in the electrical system, according to her brother Kevin, something tricky and too expensive to bother with in a car this old….
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Petroglyphs Blood Moon


Drape the Mirrors.

By E. Kristin Anderson

Two months had passed –  

the bed was all made; 

the doctor on the phone 

made an art of simple speech. 

Back from the dead 

a tiny voice reached… 
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