Issue #39

Kristin Macintyre

Life’s Inherent Opposites

Aurora Nowak interviews
Kristin Macintyre


Poetry co-editor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Issue #39 featured poet Kristin Macintyre. Here’s what she had to say about the kindness she’s experienced in workshops, the process of listening to a poem’s “deepest concern” as it unfolds, and more… 
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Conceptualizing Dreams of Liberation

Jennifer duToit-Barrett interviews
Jaleeca Yancy


Art editor Jennifer duToit-Barrett recently had this exchange with Issue #39 featured artist Jaleeca Yancy. Here’s what she had to say about her artistic practice, how American culture influences her art, her sources of hope and inspiration, and more…. 
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Rosanna Staffa

“We Must Take Very Delicate Chances”

Kathrin Hutson interviews
Rosanna Staffa


Fiction co-editor Kathrin Hutson recently had this exchange with Issue #39 featured fiction author Rosanna Staffa. Here’s what she had to say about her writing process, her playwriting background, her decision to write in English as opposed to Italian, her first language, and more… 
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Peter Galligan

Disrupting the Rhythm

Alex Carroll interviews
Peter Galligan


Nonfiction reader Alex Carroll recently had this exchange with Issue #39 featured nonfiction author Peter Galligan. Here’s what he had to say about how music informs his work, revisiting traumatic times, gaining agency through writing, and more… 
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Black Dog



By Kristin Macintyre

I am so far away I write you 

a postcard from the next room, 

say there is a whole 

grove of plum trees 

on the rooftop – neat little rows of stones 

fruit above the washroom… 
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How It Ends

By Rosanna Staffa

Stiff chairs, pens scratching. We sat at a large table, budding playwrights in summer clothes and fresh haircuts. The mentor looked tiny and mysterious, with beautiful black hair and delicate skin. I was afraid of her. She was terribly smart and famous…..
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Image: Contemporary Black Identity: Mouth, Ink on Paper, 2018, 19x24in. Jaleeca Yancy Drawings Jaleeca Yancy (September 23, 1990) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Memphis,…



Take My Hand So I Can Walk

By Peter Galligan

April and I are married, expecting a child. We’re at Denver Health, the city’s municipal hospital, for an ultrasound. The room is dark. April is holding my hand as I sit next to the bed. Being terrified of having a child to begin with, I sit silently with sweaty pits…
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