Issue #41

Arjun Parikh

Writing to Let Go

Aurora Nowak interviews
Arjun Parikh


Poetry co-editor Aurora Now recently had this exchange with Issue #41 featured poet Arjun Parikh. Here’s what Arjun had to say about his writing process, the importance of tone, the value of writing workshops, and more.. 
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Nathan Alling Long

Energy, Mystery, and Force

Grace Safford interviews
Nathan Alling Long


Fiction co-editor Grace Safford recently had this exchange with Issue #41 featured fiction writer Nathan Alling Long. Here’s what Nathan had to say about his approach to teaching writing, his favorite stories of 2018, and what he’s working on now… 
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Man Mood


Obituary for Gerald

By Arjun Parikh

Gerald went by Gerald even when he was young. As a boy he set out to read the entire encyclopedia. He was adamant about doing only one thing at a time. In his twenties he played Russian roulette on Sundays… 
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Expired Eclipse


Last Sympathy

By Nathan Alling Long

SANUS DREAMT a bomb exploded just outside his apartment building. He heard the detonation, then saw the window shatter, the ceiling crumble, and debris scatter across the floor. He lay there naked, feeling the dust settled on his skin…
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Image: “Down on the Farm #3,” mixed media, 2017, 22×30 in.  Malaika Favorite Mixed Media Malaika Favorite received her BFA (1971) and MFA (1973)…

Katydid the Bush Cricket


A Country May: 14 Days

By Chila Woychik

1. From the brash and loud, we seek the soft Midwest melody. This is less provincialism, more self-preservation. Years in the city left us numb and sightless; now, every new day brings startle and flux and a cold slap of air where we need it most…
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