Issue #42


Some Kind of Resonance

Kathrin Hutson interviews
Stanley Delgado


Fiction co-editor Kathrin Hutson recently had this exchange with Issue #42 fiction author Stanley Delgado. Here’s what Stanley had to say about his inspiration for “Pool,” his approach to revision, how his work as a translator for medical journals overlaps with his fiction writing, and more… 
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Gravity & Chance

Jennifer duToit-Barrett interviews
Jenny Reddin


Art editor Jennifer duToit-Barrett recently had this exchange with Issue #42 featured artist Jenny Reddin. Here’s what Jenny had to say about poured paint art, art’s role in activism, environmental devastation in her home country of Australia, and more… 
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Rip Apart & Reassemble the World

Candelin Wahl interviews
Alexa Doran


Poetry co-editor Candelin Wahl recently had this exchange with Issue #42 featured poet Alexa Doran. Here’s what Alexa had to say about being a feminist, the art of Leah Dockrill, women Dada artists, and more… 
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Style Central EDITED


Mother Darling Visits the States

By Alexa Doran


It’s not that the sky here isn’t blue
but that something has to asphyxiate to turn that hue.

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nodopaka EDITED


In Memoriam of Rust

By Alexia Kemerling


“I just have regular old fashioned music on the radio,” Mike says. “I hope that’s okay.” He adjusts the volume knob and the bass line of “Under Pressure” fills the van…
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By Stanley Delgado


Mom told Wendel it was like swimming in saliva, it was so warm; he would love it—absolutely love the pool. She knew he was on summer vacation, so he couldn’t say no…
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Image: “Anthropod,” mixed media on canvas, 2018, 47.2×55 in.  Jenny Reddin Mixed Media on Canvas Jenny Reddin defines herself as a “poured paint artist,” producing abstract…