Issue #43

Lauren Mauldin

Writing My Emotional Truth

Julie Patterson interviews
Lauren Mauldin


Nonfiction co-editor Julie Patterson recently had this exchange with Issue #43 featured nonfiction writer Lauren Mauldin. Here’s what Lauren had to say about writing through loss and addiction, her experience as an MFA student, how maintaining a blog helped find her voice, and more… 
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Carley Gomez

Expressing Identity

Kathrin Hutson interviews
Carley Gomez


Fiction co-editor Kathrin Hutson recently had this exchange with Issue #43 featured fiction writer Carley Gomez. Here’s what Carley had to say about her inspiration for writing fiction, her early attempts at writing, what she’s working on now, and more… 
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Ann Calandro

A Sense of Urban Urgency

Jennifer duToit-Barrett interviews
Ann Calandro


Art editor Jennifer duToit-Barrett recently had this exchange with Issue #43 featured artist Ann Calandro. Here’s what Ann had to say about growing up in New York and its influence on her art, her work as a children’s book author and illustrator and more… 
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Joshua Sassoon Orol

A Slightly Different Truth

Candelin Wahl interviews
Joshua Sassoon Orol


Poetry co-editor Candelin Wahl recently had this exchange with Issue #43 featured poet Joshua Sassoon Orol. Here’s what Joshua had to say about their Jewish identity, writing as a trans person, their approach to drafting a poem, and more… 
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Image: "Childless Madonna," by Fierce Sonia, mixed media painting, 18x24 in., 2017


Keto Crash

By Lauren Mauldin


Last week, I dreamt I was eating a bagel. Not a New York bagel, the outside crisp and sprinkled with poppy seeds, toasted flakes of onion and tiny, square cubes of salt. No, the dense, bready pre-sliced kind you buy in plastic bags…
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Image: "Emerging from Entanglement," by Perrin Duncan, acrylic on board, 8x8in., 2019


What Does a Nine Year-Old Know?

By Carley Gomez


“I’m a lesbian,” Tim’s nine-year-old daughter Sammy told him. She had a ponytail and a loose tooth that she flicked over her lip with her tongue as they stood in the aquarium in front of a tank of seahorses…
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Image: "Paper Bridge," mixed media, 24 x36 inches, 2019


Image: “Paper Bridge,” mixed media collage, 24 x 36 in., 2019 Ann Calandro Mixed Media Collage Ann Calandro is a medical editor, mixed media…

Image: "Trophees by Nelly Sanchez, collage, 40x30 cm., 2018


Shoshana’s Mother

By Joshua Sassoon Orol


אמא של שושנה
How does a mother teach a son
about the body of a woman?
A teen in need of a shave
I pop open
the microwave…
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