Issue #44

We are a Primitive Creature

Erin Post interviews
Ronald Walker


Managing editor Erin Post recently had this exchange with Issue #44 featured artist Ronald Walker. Here’s what he had to say about his style of Suburban Primitive art, his artistic inspirations, tips for securing gallery shows, and more… 
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John Leonard

Be Kind, Be Understanding

Candelin Wahl interviews
John Leonard


Poetry co-editor Candelin Wahl recently had this exchange with Issue #44 featured poet John Leonard. Here’s what John had to say about crafting opening and ending lines, experimentation with form in poetry, the role of a mentor, and more… 
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Claire Robbins

Beautiful Sentences & Interesting Lives

Grace Safford interviews
Claire Robbins


Fiction co-editor Grace Safford recently had this exchange with Issue #44 featured fiction writer Claire Robbins. Here’s what Claire had to say about form in fiction, writing complex relationships, her approach to revision, and more… 
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Bill Marsh

An Honest Reckoning

Julie Patterson interviews
Bill Marsh


Nonfiction co-editor Julie Patterson recently had this exchange with Issue #44 featured nonfiction writer Bill Marsh. Here’s what Bill had to say about processing memory through writing, his experience as a teacher, the overlap between the writing process and beekeeping, and more… 
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Making Gold


This is How You Get Off Food Stamps

By Claire Robbins


1. First you will need to get on them. This is easy: move out of your mother’s house, live in a patched green army tent on the wrong side of town. Get pregnant. Forget who the father of your unborn child was but remember the shape of his nose…
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No Baby, An Apology

By Bill Marsh


I dream sometimes about babies. I know these are babies I’m dreaming about because afterwards, when I stir awake with some semblance of recognition, I feel a hazy sense of having dwelled for a moment in fuzzy warmth, a zone of charmed interaction….
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For Tony


It Makes You Wait for It

By John Leonard


I feel like I’m stuck in a rural Texas town
with no gas money to get myself home,
and if I kept walking until I found a new town,
it would probably be the same town…
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Toast by Ronald Walker


“Toast,” gouache on board, 11×14 in., 2017 Ronald Walker Gouache on Board Ronald Walker is an artist working in the Sacramento area of California….