Issue #46

Kristin Fouquet

The Truth Reveals Itself

Kristin LaFollette interviews
Kristin Fouquet


Art editor Kristin LaFollette recently had this exchange with Issue #46 featured artist Kristin Fouquet. Here’s what Kristin Fouquet had to say about her chosen medium of black and white photography, the inspiration she draws from her hometown of New Orleans, her work as a writer, and more… 
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Chelsey Clammer

Fight Like a Writer

Julie Patterson interviews
Chelsey Clammer


Nonfiction co-editor Julie Patterson recently had this exchange with Issue #46 featured nonfiction writer Chelsey Clammer. Here’s what Chelsey had to say about drawing on intimate life experience for writing, her self-description as a “sound nerd,” her approach to editing, and more… 
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Poetry Issue #46

Nude Study from Life, Lee Krasner, 1938

By Lisa Beech Hartz


Crossing 8th Street in the rain Igor laughed, /
dropped your hand. I like being with an ugly woman. / Angle of the streetlight, silvering everything, even / his careless mouth. It makes me feel more handsome.
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Nonfiction Issue #46

The Shape of a Day

By Chelsey Clammer


Courtney and I slept together a few nights ago, but not like that. Girlfriends at sixteen, we were each other’s first love. Now, almost twenty years later, that’s not us, but I’ve been staying in the five-bedroom house Courtney shared with her mom…
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Fiction Issue #46

Portrait of a Marriage as a Young Thing

By Kathryn Ordiway


When it’s trying, Liv reminds herself that everyone says the first year is the hardest. This helps. She imagines the three hundred and sixty-sixth day of their marriage as a rosy winter day, fresh snow on the ground…
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Art Issue #46

Kristin Fouquet Digital Photography Artist Statement: “Weighed-In: Stills of a Boxing Gym” When a client requested a shoot in a boxing gym, I reluctantly…