Issue #47

Steven Moore

Seeking Community

Julie Patterson interviews
Steven Moore


Nonfiction co-editor Julie Patterson recently had this exchange with Issue #47 featured nonfiction writer Steven Moore. Here’s what Steven had to say about writing a memoir, the challenge of marrying form and content, how his work as a journal editor informs his writing, and more… 
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Malin Abrahamsson

Making Room for Sensation

Kristin LaFollette interviews
Malin Abrahamsson


Art editor Kristin LaFollette recently had this exchange with Issue #47 featured artist Malin Abrahamsson. Here’s what Malin had to say about the inspiration for her spaceholder series, the joy and challenge of living in New York City, what she’s working on now, and more… 
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Just Tying Up Loose Ends

Poetry Issue #47


By Nadia Alexis


The ocean swallowed a father./My father’s father whole. His father ate/ too many hearts of chicken & women. He ate/his children. My father, one of them./By the time my mother & father walked…
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Art Issue #47

Malin Abrahamsson Mixed Media Sculpture My Spaceholders revolve around the idea, shape, and purpose of the vessel, and the notion of holding space: the…

Imaginary Maps 5

Nonfiction Issue #47

Song for No One’s Backyard

By Steven Moore


Jim McCrumb always told the same stories to every new batch of student employees. Jim had been a manager at the university bookstore for a long time. He spoke gently. He smiled. He had gray hair. He liked surrealism…
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Fiction Issue #47


By Shane Inman


Right after it happened, I assumed I’d always remember the look on Ethan’s face the moment just before the ice swallowed him. But a decade was a long time and cast shadows on old memories…
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