Issue #7

John Messick, Mud Season Review author

Hike your own hike

Brett Sigurdson interviews
John Messick


Our nonfiction editor, Brett Sigurdson, recently spoke with John Messick, author of Issue #7’s “Throwing Stones at Apple Trees.” Here’s what he had to say about his urge to travel, some of the experiences behind his writing, and his growth as a writer…Read more

Deirdre Lockwood, Mud Season Review author

Performative control and vulnerability

Rebecca Starks interviews
Deirdre Lockwood


Our editor-in-chief, Rebecca Starks, recently spoke with Deirdre Lockwood, our Issue #7 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about the inspiration behind her poems, the novel she is working on, and the relationship between her work as a scientist and her work as a writer. ….Read more

Mike Minchin, Mud Season Review author

Visceral, vicarious experience

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Michael Minchin


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Michael Minchin, author of Issue #7’s “In the Bodies of Beautiful Fish.” Here’s what he had to say about the roots of the story, his attention to sound and image, and the type of writing that inspires him….Read more


All Along the Tracks Digital photographic collage   Nance Van Winckel                          …

"Troutzilla," photograph by Dave Petraglia, Mud Season Review artist


In the Bodies of Beautiful Fish

by Michael Minchin

When Quinn Meyers looks up from his cutting board, there are more fish moving along the conveyor: fat salmon, already gutted, or half-gutted, messy from the machines that cannot slice the fins neatly enough or strip the pink membrane from the cavity with the delicate swipe of a blade.
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Before the Funeral

by Deirdre Lockwood

The orange juice is grey. My father keeps
calling me Mary. (His youngest sister’s name.)
Every five minutes the newsprint swirls
beneath his eyes. We look away, out
the kitchen windows to the aftertaste
of snow along the sidewalk. Gravel, rock
salt, and the rust-edged grass between the cracks…
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Throwing Stones at Apple Trees

by John Messick

Along the limestone southern coast of Turkey in the port city of Mersin, tucked amid Roman ruins, fields of iambic columns, and newly built high-rises, I spent three days in a back-alley whorehouse. The sign in front of the building was small, barely visible. “Otel,” it read. Old men sat sipping tea in the lobby…Read more